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How large is the eMate?

I have always wondered, before I got my eMate, how large it really is. So, once I purchased it I went and took some picture of the eMate along side some other computers (Wall Street Powerbook G3, a iBook SE, and a Newton MessagePad 130). Please be forgiving with regards to the picture quality-I am not a professional and the originals were lost.

iBook, G3, and eMate together

Three laptops with lids closed. As you can see, the eMate is a large machine because it is about the same size as a laptop.

G3, eMate, and iBook stacked

Three stacked together. Do you notice that it is about the same width and thickness of an iBook. This is interesting because the iBook was supposed to be the replacement to the eMate.

iBook, eMate, G3 side view

As you can see, all of the computers are about the same thickness.

eMate and Newton 130

eMate and a Newton 130. For those of you who have not actually seen an eMate before you can see the eMate is quite large compared to a Newton 130.

eMate and Newton 130

Newton 130 and eMate stacked

iBook and eMate

iBook and eMate together

eMate on iBook

eMate on iBook. You can hardly see the iBook because it is about the same size as the eMate.

G3, iBook, eMate open

Family together-opened. You can see the difference between the eMate and the others. The small screen and keybard makes it look smaller than the other machines, plus the fact that the eMate's screen is hinged in the middle of the machine, unlike the laptops where the hinge is at the end of the machine.

Ultimately I loved the eMate and it is a great computer to have in class to take notes on. It got me through my graduate degree, and regretably I had to sell it.

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