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Motorola Marco

Microprocessor: RISC, ARM 610, 20 MHz

Memory: 5 MB ROM 1 MB RAM (480K user memory)

Serial Port (LocalTalk compatible)
One PCMCIA Type II slot
Infrared transceiver, half-duplex, 1 meter range 38.4 Kbs max.
Power adapter port

Wireless Modem:
Two-way, wide-area wireless packet-data modem
Dual protocol: MDC4800, operating at 4.8 Kbps; RDLAP, operating at 19.2 Kbps
Frequency: 806–821 MHz transmit; 851–866 MHz receive.
Indicator Lights: Green = wireless modem on; Yellow = transmit, receive; Red = scanning, out of range.

Screen: 320 x 240 pixel LCD, 85 dpi

Power Adapter:
12v, 900mA
Input: AC 120v, 60Hz, 16.1W Class 2 Transformer
Model No.: 481209003CO
"For use with PWLN4053 and PWLN1001. For use with charger 0104000L"
Made in China by LEI on 12/4/1994

Part No.: 01-04000L02
Input: 12V, 900m Amps
Made in China: 5/1/1994
"This cradle is for charging batteries 0104002L01 and 0104002L04. Only for use with power adapter 2504221L01."

Main 5 cell NiCd battery, 6.25 volt DC, 850mAh nominal; Backup battery: 3V lithium, Duracell 2430 or equivalent.

Antenna: External antenna

Weight: 0.82 kg (1.8 lb.)

Size: 191 mm x 147 mm x 36 mm (7.5 in. x 5.8 in. x 1.4 in.)

Operating Temperature: 0 C to 50 C; Realative Humidity: 40 Cat 95% RH (non-condensing); Storage Temperature: -20C to 85C

Motorola Marco


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