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Important Newton Links

These are links you need to keep your Newton current in the 21st Century (I cannot assure these are Newton friendly)

UNNA - United Network of Newton Archives - Abandonware for your Newton

802.11 Wireless Networking - Hiroshi Noguchi's driver

More WiFi Cards - More WiFi Cards is a patch to use Hiroshi Noguchi's driver with more cards.

Blunt - Bluetooth Newton Driver - Blunt implements a basic Bluetooth protocol stack for NewtonOS 2.1 devices. It provides two services: Connecting to a serial Bluetooth port and object exchange.

Adam Tow's nBlog - nBlog works alongside nHTML 2.0 and XML-RPC to create one of the most powerful and portable web development environments around. nHTML is much more than an HTML tag generator, and XML-RPC allows you to send almost any object on your Newton, such as a note, name, or package, over the Internet using the industry standard XML-RPC protocol . (works with Blogger)

Newtsync - Syncronize your Newton with OS X

MAD Newton and MAD Max - MAD Max is an MP3 player for Newton MessagePads 2000 and 2100. It is based on MAD Newton, a port of Robert Leslie's excellent MAD MP3 decoder to the Newton and plays MP3 files and Icecast or Shoutcast MP3 streams.

This Old Newt - Latest news and community gatherings.

Newton Friendly Yahoo! (WAP Yahoo!)





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